the New Moon in Aries / by Nikki Dee

After a long few weeks of moody Pisces energy that sunk me into a low-energy depression, I am feeling like the winds of change are upon me. I drag myself out of bed with the frantic energy of someone with a to-do list. The New Moon is in Aries, and I feel like I am squirming around inside of my own skin. Trying to burst forth. Heaving myself against the walls and blocks that are standing in my way. Aries is the sign of action - it’s a strong fire sign, ruled by Mars: the planet of war. Aries love to be in motion, love to launch themselves into action. IT’s time to reset and start something new. Here we go! Big changes are in the air. The future feels open and unpredictable. My options are open.

Have you ever had that moment where you blinked and suddenly remembered, - “I’m my own person. I can do whatever the fuck I want - and no one’s gonna stop me!”

You can act however you want to.
You can be whoever you want to be.
You can love whoever you want to.
You can go wherever you want to.
You can make. your. damn. life.

Let’s do it.