blocking negative energy / by Nikki Dee

Sometimes I do one-on-one meditation sessions in my apartment. I had a conversation recently with one of my meditation students. He wanted to learn how to open his heart more, feel more connected, and view the world with love. We worked on some Metta Loving-Kindness meditations and talked about the Web-of-Life. But then the conversation shifted a bit: because when you open your heart, it feels like anything can get in there. Opening yourself up can feel not only very vulnerable, but also a bit dangerous. Being a sensitive or empathic person can be difficult sometimes, because you pick up on other people's moods, whether they are bad or good. And all of that conflicting/negative energy feels like it's rubbing off on you sometimes, making you anxious or pulling your mood down.

Someone I know mentioned that she has been working through some personal issues with her energy practitioner. And these sessions have begun to raise her vibration, clear her energy and start the healing process. However, lately for my friend things have felt sort of anxious and crazy: she doubts herself, her self-esteem is off-whack, and things seem a bit more dramatic. Her energy practitioner said that often when you work on yourself and begin to raise your vibration, there is a sort of after shock: things seem much more intense, because they are to you. You are opening yourself up. And that can feel a little scary, even though it's beneficial in the long run.

I am a highly empathic person, and and for me, it can be overwhelming and distracting when someone else's negative energy rubs off on me. As many New Yorkers can attest: it can be hard to be intuitive/sensitive in a big city like NYC because you pick up on everyone’s energy. And there are sooo many people that the energy starts to feel a little crazy and chaotic!

Thankfully, there are many ways to protect your energy. Gala Darling recommends imagining a long zipper running up your body, and "zipping" yourself up. You can visualize yourself in a protective fortress. Tess Whitehurst wears reflective jewelry and protective stones, like Onyx, and clears their energy often. The trick is to not detach yourself: stay tuned in, but protect your own energy.

I like to imagine a pure white light around me...steady as a lightsaber...that protects me and clears my path. Feel it burning through negativity and reaching through to positivity. Stay compassionate, but neutral. You and your feelings are just as important as anyone else, and staying grounded in your own awareness can make you a better helper than just acting as a rag to sop up someone else's mood.

  • Say No to toxic experiences.
  • Keep your thoughts free of fear -- fill them with love, instead.
  • Call on God, spirit guides, ancestors, radiant energy, whatever helps you stay positive. Spirit guides are fun because they are like that little buddy in video games that helps your character through problems.
  • If you know that you are going to be in an overwhelming energy situation (such as a stressful subway ride, a large crowd, or helping someone who is very emotional and upset), try meditating first to center and ground yourself. You can ground your energy, chant, and even set intentions like I am a magnet for positivity or I will keep my vibrations high and radiate good or even I am in a fortress and nothing will hurt me.
  • If you are picking up on a particular person's negative energy and you are upset because you want them to be happy, Gabby Bernstein has a great meditation to send love and light into their hearts.
  • Some people suggest a "cutting cords" meditation. But if I'm picking up on negative energy from someone I love, I envision the cord between us; then I imagine filling myself up with healing light. Then I will send white healing light from my end of the cord into theirs and imagine it filling them with love and happiness.
  • I am all about protective/magical charms. I wear mala bracelets, rose quartz and turquoise stones, amethyst druzies, and I am never without an evil eye or Nazir symbol.
  • When you get back home, try deep breathing, burning some sage, and free writing.
  • If you are a sensitive person, and especially a survivor of abuse, it can be hard not to take other people's moods personally. But that is the MOST important thing to keep in mind when protecting yourself.

    Good luck and good vibes, my sensitive, empathetic, and intuitive babes.